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Saul in the New York Times – Photos and Video

Saul was featured in The New York Times in an article called “The Orthodox Fringe”, discussing his film Punk Jews, film subjects Moshiach Oi! and (wife) Elke Reva Sudin and their organization Jewish Art Now, among other friends in the community of those pushing Jewish arts and culture forward.

““For a while, whenever I’d run into someone and ask what they were doing, they’d say they were going to Chulent,” she said. Her husband, Saul, 29, became a co-producer of “Punk Jews.” Together the two started Jewish Art Now, a Web site that provides its own cultural remix. “

The article marks the premiere of Saul’s presence in this prestigious paper, both as a subject and as a contributor- his photography is shown alongside the article he is also depicted in.


Click here to read the complete article.

And catch a glimpse of Saul in this video of Moshiach Oi! performing.


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