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Saul on the HevriaCast Podcast

HevriaCast Episode 15: Saul Sudin

Articles Written for Hevria


Open Waves And Walls Is it so bad to have the walls breached? Without it there could be no growth. Isolation would set in, The possible would remain impossible.
Isaac Unbound My parents Abe and Sara wanted to be radical and change everything. But my rebellion was just being normal. Or at least, that’s what you would think if you saw me.


Jacob’s Latter Jacob brings Leah the idea of opening their relationship to Rachel.
Abraham, Father Of None No angel of G0d came, no replacement animal happened by the scene. Abraham slashed down at the neck of his blessed son, spilling his blood on the holy mountain.
I’m Not Keeping Shabbat This Week I spend the whole week living like a pinball; bouncing and ricocheting through life. By the week’s end, the last thing I need is someone telling me how to relax.
Approaching Time As A Flat Circle A discussion with the creator of the Misaviv Hebrew Circle Calendar.
Confronting The Last Chicken In Brooklyn Well, the last one that was still clucking.


Survival Tips In A Shallow And Dogmatic Society Dear religious people, if you’re reading this, it may already be too late. Dear anti-religious people, if you’re reading this, it may already be too late. But let me share something…
Let’s Fix Ourselves Before Having Kids My wife and I are celebrating ten years together. But we chose to push off having kids.
A British Rock Star, Israeli Composer, and Indian Ensemble Walk Into A Recording Studio Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.
How We Make The Hevria Sessions The second series of The Hevria Sessions launched recently, and with that I want to pull back the curtain a little bit.
The Levi Who Couldn’t Sing The High Priest felt a single drop of sweat cascade down his brow. That distraction paled as the High Priest’s ears perked up to catch one choral voice gratingly out of harmony.
How Am I Not Myself? Three stages to freedom from ego.
Jews Are Not The Chosen People Where is this idea even sourced?
Where Is My Home? The old adage goes, “You can never go home again”. So when I’ve spent so much time on the road and finally walk through that door once again, what am I returning to?
Remember, Forgive Yourself Through Art Another holiday season is fast approaching. Who have you been this year? Were you your best self? Were you even you?
I F**king Hate Yom Kippur I regret those words as soon as I think them. But it’s true.
Make Religion Your Own Song Have you ever stopped yourself partway through a holiday, prayer service or religious event and thought “What am I even doing here”?
Yaakov Gets A Sex Change How Kabbalah explains the sex lives of the patriarchs.


“Transparent” Is The TV Show Your Rabbi Warned You About In praise of great, radical Jewish TV.
My Dad Eats Treif, My Mom Doesn’t Eat Asparagus, And I Almost Killed Myself
My most personal essay yet.
The Future War For The Holocaust How thought about the war needs to change with the generations.
Contemporary Jewish Cinema’s Greatest Night
Part one analyzing 2009 in Jewish film, Inglourious Basterds vs. A Serious Man
Being The Jewish Best Man At A Christian Wedding The struggle to find comfort in your beliefs no matter where you are.
Confronting Pornography A short story about the struggle to deal with pornography addiction.
Why Don’t We Photograph Funerals? We endlessly capture all of life’s milestones except one.
She Was Totally Wrong For Me So I Married Her The story of how I met my wife.
There Is No “Off The Derech” We often judge people, sometimes even ourselves, on minute discrepancies.
The Messiah Is Death I’m scared of a Messianic lifestyle.
I May Have Saved Your Life While Saving My Own How donating blood brought me back from self harm.
Adventures In Interplanetary Judaism Science Fiction in a world of everyone missing the point of religion.
There Are No Good Jewish Communities We have lost so many communities, where do I fit in?
Moses Was An Introvert Humanizing a prophet and in turn inspiring us for something greater.
I’m Done Being A “Jewish Artist” Am I an artist trying to work in religious themes, or am I a religious person trying to make art? Thoughts on a decade of Matisyahu and knowing oneself.
What Was G0d Thinking When (S)He Made Me? Genesis, art, and Hitchcock through the lens of Kabbalah.
Welcome Back. Now What? You went off to some island. You spent all day speaking in tongues to a king. There was plenty of food and too many people. Now what?
What I Want From A Rabbi I’ve known a fair share of rabbis in my day, from all stripes and denominations. It’s definitely a mixed bag.
Meeting Your Idols Head On When we idealize people, we give them power over us. They are big and we are small.
I Believe In G0d Because The Animatronic Charles Darwin Robot Taught Evolution To An Amish Family I had just gotten back to the states from Yeshiva in Israel, and didn’t know what to do with myself.
The Robot Minyan Potash Feldspar woke up and looked at the time. There, glowing brighter as the day progressed, the information projected on the closed drapes read 8:01AM. 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Hanetz at 8:45AM.


I’m Saul, And I Push Descartes An Introduction to Saul and what to expect from the column.
Our World Is Still On Fire Saul’s personal experience with Terrorism.
All These Scars The way scars remind us of past trauma, and the struggle to move on.
Friends, Who Needs Them? The long journey toward finding one’s place in the world.
What The F*** Is Jewish Music? It has no exact specification, no instrument that dictates its sound.
Nobody Cares That You’re Dead You’re only psychologically tricking yourself into artificial empathy that will get you nowhere.
Sympathy For The Deity This ain’t no single, this is a concept album. Let’s call this track two, continued from “What the F*** Is Jewish Music?”
Seeking Jewish Art Amid Bubbes & Bikinis It is always an interesting experiment to go to Art Basel in Miami with the intent of discovering contemporary Jewish art.

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