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Jewish Art Now

Saul is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Jewish Art Now. You can like the Facebook page here and visit JewishArtNow.com for all the latest news, reviews, events and much more.

Jewish Art Now presents a fresh perspective on the convergence of contemporary art and Judaism.

Our mission is to build an appreciation for contemporary art in Jewish communities and build respect for Jewish art in the contemporary art world. Jewish tradition states that the world rests on three pillars: Torah (Study), Avodah (Worship), and G’meelut Chasadim (Acts of Kindness). Jewish Art Now adapts these pillars for our motto: “Create. Educate. Inspire.”

By showcasing contemporary Jewish artists from around the world in a unified place, Jewish Art Now provides a guide for Jewish art as a whole. The website JewishArtNow.com features the latest news, reviews, upcoming events and resources for our community of artists and art appreciators. The latest social media is incorporated allowing distinctive contributors to participate in the conversation, each lending unique insights and experiences.

In making this network as comprehensive as possible, Jewish Art Now often collaborates with other organizations, museums, galleries, and religious institutions to create programming and provide platforms for new Jewish artists to have their work cultivated, exhibited, and appreciated. These interactive art shows, gallery exhibitions, and educational lectures connect to audiences of diverse ages and backgrounds.

Throughout history the arts have played many roles in sustaining Judaism and making ancient traditions relevant in evolving times. Having never been confined by geographic or political boundaries, Jewish culture can engage the globalized world in especially relevant ways. This balance of tradition and modernity is the core of Jewish Art Now.